Sunday, April 8


Traveling to Maine last September I missed the AFL finals. It was an awesome match from what I have read. The final score was WCE 12.13.85 df. Syd 12.12.84. One point!!! Eagles won by one point!!!! And where was I? Eating fried dough and discussing the merits of autumn leaves.

Well, after much fretting and nail biting, it looks like MHz here in the Metro area is set to start airing games again. The season has already begun in OZ, but I think that we are only going to be one week behind. I'm praying for a Collingwood match on Monday's show.

What the hell am I on about?

Yes sure, I won't lie, at first I was attracted by the muscular men running around in shorty shorts. But then I really got into it. Scary.

I have even discovered that there is a local team in my area.
I'm trying to get Sarge to go out for Ausball with me.
So far, no such luck.

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