Thursday, September 23

Question Time!!


Say you're standing infront of a table of tshirts that you may or may not want to buy. Each shirt has a sticker on it that states the size and the price. There is obviously only one shirt in each size on the table, and easily visible but not reachable boxes of tshirts behind the table.

Oh yes, and you see me standing behind the table with an expectant smile on my face. Ok, well, it's more of a strained grimace.

Do you...

A. Ask me how much the shirts are?
B. Walk off with a tshirt?
C. Throw the tshirts all the hell over the place, including under the table?
D. Ask what size shirts there are?
E. Tell me the size of shirt you would like, and have your money out and ready to pay?

If you said A, B,C, or D, then you were at my open house. That's right, my elementary school open house, not a Jonas Brothers concert.

Out of the $2200 sold, I swear only about $100 was sold to people who would have chose "E".

This seals it, I could never survive in retail again.

And those of you who "know" me, this does not entitle you to walk behind my table and bypass all the folk waiting to buy their shirts to ask me your inane questions, or buy your shirts. Forgive me if I tell you to hold on and help everyone freaking waiting in line until you walk away.

The school year has just started, and look at me, already bitchy!

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simply me said...

I can see this event happening oh so clearly!! HA!