Monday, March 10

Snip! Snip!


Hey-ho! We all have short hair now! I bet the inlaws are going to haaaate it! MWAHAHAHHA!


Gifted Typist said...

Short hair = no tangles = happy mommy

Anonymous said...

OMGBBQ!! I can't believe what I am seeing. This is the same child who would practically burst into hysterics when we suggested that she could have short hair like mommy. I am officially in the twilight zone.
-The Librarian

Pageant Mom said...


My daughter would rather cut off a toe than cut her hair...

I got short hair once, I couldn't leave it, I missed my security blanket. I've been effectively wearing the same hairdo since 1983, I reckon it's too late to change.

**FitGirl** said...

Yay! I think she looks so gorgeous with her new chin length locks! (It's so *in* right now too!)

I've had short hair since I can remember and I love, Love LOVE it!