Wednesday, March 5

Best show EVER!!

We watch it on BBCAmerica.
Seriously. Sarge and I spent the night laughing on the couch. We watched the episode where their challenge was to fly to Miami, buy a car for $1000 and drive it to New Orleans, and then sell it. Yeah. So, of course, hilarity ensues. Suffice to say, one of the car dealers shows them his gun(s), they "eat" road kill for dinner, and almost get killed by rednecks while driving through Alabama. Meanwhile they mercilessly bag on James May's choice of car and hit it with their cars as often as possible. Cue immature giggles from Sarge and I.

Honestly though this was just an episode of them in the US. The show usually takes place in Brittan and the rest of Continental Europe. Equally as hilarious.

But, it really made us think. How interesting to get an idea of how Europeans, the British specifically, view America. It was both funny and sad. Of course they were afraid of getting shot, well, the car dealer showed them his gun. Jeremy Clarkson found a blood stained shirt in one of the pockets of his car. Then as a "challenge" they wrote funny(to me, and them at least) slogans on the sides of each others cars as they drove through Alabama. They almost got killed. Seriously, "the boys" started pulling up in pick up trucks and pelting them with rocks. "Yew betta git otta heah!" It was funny. But also not. Here is what Richard Hammond's car looked like, to give you a sample of the things they wrote.

So British dudes driving across the American South in $1000 beaters. Funny. Horrible American stereotypes brought to light. Also funny.


Gifted Typist said...

Yes, Jeremy Clarkson's Britain's favourite red neck.

They trade on stupid, ill-informed stereotypes and then claim to be knowledgeable.

BTW, Brits like Jeremy would be deeply offended to be called Europeans so you got him good with your blog post. Good for you.

MdG said...

Is he really? I didn't know that. I just though he was too full of testosterone. Sadly, many of their ill-informed stereotypes proved to be true.

Sarge and I think it's funny when junk cars go bang bang into eachother. So we enjoy it.