Thursday, March 27

Holy Crud!

Well, we're back!

And we're leaving in a little more than a month!

I've officially had to start thinking about the fact that we're really moving to Germany, and all that entails. Crud. Packing, yard sales, last minute appointments, dealing with the dog, cleaning my house. All things I thoroughly enjoy of course.

Maine was pretty good though. Lots of snow, fried seafood, chocolate milkshakes, Piko deGallo milestones, and family. Low on privacy, high octane coffee, companionable silence, and privacy, did I mention privacy? I'll post some pictures later.

We also drove up (in 13 hours!! a deGallo personal best!!) in our Sienna, and drove back in an Outback! Seriously, Maine must be the Subaru capital of the universe.


Gifted Typist said...

Welcome back, missed your shenanigans.
The first time I visited your blog you were announcing the German Tour, I'd forgotten about that.

she said: said...

Yeah - your back! I was missing you.

MdG said...

GT- Thank you, I'm going to put up some pictures this weekend. Though they are not as nice or as warm as the ones from your vacation. I only wish we could have gone to the beach.

Mrs. S- I was checking up on you while I was gone. Looks like things are progressing on the soon to be Ex-Crapshack. I though of you while we were driving through Conn. There was a billboard discouraging bunny buying for easter.