Tuesday, September 26

Sarge Sucks

Today I looked out the window and saw Sarge getting his new shopvac (The Librarian and I broke his old one vacuuming the dog) out of the shed. He mows, he rakes, he sweeps, he vacs. I look out about 15 minutes later and see him vacuuming Piko de Gallo's sandbox (he was just finishing up, so I couldn't get a picture).

You know, I realize he just came home from 6 months in the desert, but seriously?

He claims that he was getting leaves out, and he was too lazy to bend down to pick them up.


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Anonymous said...

Seriously - we broke the ShopVac? I don't remember that. I must have blocked it out.

I'm traumatized that you won't be e-mailing me for WEEKS. I know that I go away for a few days, but I don't drop off for WEEKS!

Family time, schmamily time.
The Librarian