Friday, September 1


I was talking to the Librarian last night about going to pick up Sarge at the airport. I mentioned that I had found a small American flag for Piko de G to carry. "Oh no you didn't" was the Librarian's reply. I totally did, but I got it at the thrift store, and only paid $1.50.

So the Librarian suggested I go out and buy a crap load of those yellow ribbon magnets and plaster my car with it. "You know, one for every day that he was gone." She says. Yeeaaanhhh.........No.

It remided me of one magnet I saw that I really liked, but Sarge prohibits me from buying. I cant find the original one, but I made a mock up at Support Our Ribbons. I first saw this ribbon on a car on base, very brave, and very awesome I thought. Don't go thinking that our car is devoid of ribbon awesomeness though. We do have a "Support our Sox" ribbon, and a Collingwood Magpies flag on our trunk.

I am however kitting out Piko de G in her yellow dress and masses of yellow ribbons for her hair.

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