Saturday, May 16

I'm Bleeeeeding!!!!

So the blood thinning treatment progresses apace.

I go in to the hospital twice a week to have a Quick Test done, I guess to check my clotting, or lack of.

Yesterday, two funny things happened.

One, I took Her Doktor's secretary some chocolate chunk brownies. She almost fainted, and asked me for my recipe. I told her I would just bring her some boxes of Dunken Hines brownie mix. I've never seen brownie mix in the German stores. I'm hoping that this will grease the wheels a little and cut my wait for asessment down to 45 minutes instead of an hour and fifteen. They have the warmest office waiting area ever. I think I've fallen asleep three times out of five.

The second funny happened with my Phlebotomist. After taking my wee bit of blood, she put the "plaster" on my old insertion site, and not the one she had just made. I didn't notice until I ran up two flights of stairs and my arm inside my jacket felt wet. Holy crap! It was not dripping from my fingertips or anything, this was just a needle prick, but it was still a mess. My friend Mrs. Major said I should have faked a fainting spell. Maybe I should take the Lab some brownies too.


The Librarian said...

You need to bypass Duncan Hines brownie mix and go straight to the Ghiradelli triple brownie mix. They're insane. Painfully delicious.

And that's enough with the bleeding, already!

MdG said...

I don't think they have the Ghiradelli in the commissary. Maybe they bring it in for the holdidays because I'm thinking I saw it. Unless I'm having flashbacks to the States.