Friday, May 1

As we were driving to school yesterday morning Piko de Gallo and I are listening to the one American radio channel we get in the car.

Of course the topic is OMGSWINEFLUOMG!!!!

This is what I hear, and I'm pretty sure I heard it correctly.

"This does not affect mission status travel, however, if you're planning on traveling to Mexico to say, have your baby, you might want to abort that."


And of course, obilagtory OMGSWINEFLUOMG macro.


she said: said...

Who travels to Mexico to have a baby? Because, Mexico is known for premier medical care and all. Everyone is just clamoring to make sure their baby is a Mexican citizen.

Plus, aren't there some rules you can't fly when you are :---------: this much pregnant? I'm pretty sure the flu will be gone by then, or we will have all died.

So tired of sflu. Now they are already back tracking saying. Well, it isn't killing us now. But, just wait. In the fall it will regenerate and kill us then.

So lame! Most boring flu - ever!

MdG said...

Seriously right?
I was thinking that when he said it, and then went, wait? what?? He said to abort the baby!

Flu-Shmu, the big news here is how a nut job tried to run down the Queen of the Netherlands during a parade.

Bill said...

I am laughing my A*** off - The picture is great on its own, but the caption caused me to wet myself.