Thursday, April 16

Not a political statement


Best cake ever!!

Before cutting

After cutting.

I used this tutorial, but made my cake the regualr way, not with the soda. And frosted with home made buttercream frosting.

Yummy! And superduper cute.


Rebecca said...

That is gorgeous. Its almost too pretty to eat. Notice I said "almost", because it is really hard for me to turn down cake.

The Librarian and The Navy Wife said...

We just got back from a day of enjoying the Tulip Festival and decided to check in on your blog. Our immediate, in-sync reaction to your cake was "OMFG".

Crazy fun.

Much love to you. We wish we were there to eat the cake.

MdG said...

Librarian, I'll make this cake for Thanksgiving...EEEEEEEE!!!!!

Navy Wife...You must take a hop out here to visit Air Force Wife. Librarian and I will eat a slice for you.