Sunday, April 26

Not Perfect

What do you suppose it means when one of your supposed closest friends says:
"Well, we all can't be perfect ALL the time."
Directed at you when you are discussing a funny and fantastic fail of a project.

I wish my "Classic" girfriends were here. Friend "Lite" are just not cutting it.


she said: said...

On one hand I think she is giving you a compliment. On the other. Screw her! She would hate how neurotic I get on my projects.

Go big - or go home.

MdG said...

I'm thinking either I really just suck as a friend, or I just hate people.

Plus, it really is kind of hard to be perfect like me.

There is a whole irksome situation brewing here. I'm just waiting for the crap to hit the fan.

she said: said...

Maybe you only like people in small doses.

MdG said...

That is probably true. I've been spending this week alone working on a huge mound of projects. It's quite enjoyable.

How do I forget that I'm an anti-socialist?!?

she said: said...

Well - I technically don't think you are antisocial. At least that isn't what you project. You just take on a lot of stuff and get burt out easy. You have had a lot of stuff going on.