Tuesday, March 3


Happy Girl's Day!!

It's like a little army of "KAWAII" coming to take over the world!

I used this tutorial, slightly modified, to make the little girls.

Piko deGallo has a summer birthday, and I always feel bad that she never gets to take cupcakes to school. I had a summer birthday, and I never took cupcakes to school either...hmmmmm....projecting much?!?!

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she said: said...

I swear to you - I had to do a double take. That first picture looked like a gang of penis's.

Oh for the love of cupcakes! Now I'm going to have to bake some for the weekend. I had some rasberry coffee cake this weekend, and it was so unusual I thought it would be great as cupcakes. Mmmmm.. rasberry cupcakes.

Nice so see you posting. I thought your blog was dead.