Tuesday, January 20

All Signs Point To: NOT GOOD.

Yeah. Throw me a pitty party.

So far it's not shaping up to a great New Year. Not that there has been catastrophic hapenings in the deGallo household. It's just an abundance of small things that are bringing me down.

First of all, Sarge's health seems to be going. He's getting cold after cold, and never seems to recover. That bacterial infection in '08 seems to have messed with his immune system in a big way. That's more of a bummer for him though.

Second, Girl Scout Cookies. Oh how I hate to love to hate them. Given the smallness of our community everyone knows about 5 or 6 people selling. I hate to be the 10th person to ask someone if they want cookes, but I have 98 boxes to get rid of, and I'm not buying them all. Luckily Sarge is a cop, and we all know cops love their cookies....Just kidding, they love doughnuts.

Third, friend drama. THIS is why I'm normally an Antisocialist. And really, it's not a problem with my friend, it a problem with her husband. See, he takes umbridge with the manner in which my husband does his job. That is that Sarge actually DOES his job and does not let them cheat and slack. And that is my problem how?!? I don't know why Friend's Husband(FH) has to complain to me (EVERY TIME I SEE HIM), I guess we all know I'm actually Sarge's boss at work too?? I can see the end of this as being me no longer being able to be friends with this gal because FH can't separate his work from his wife's friendships. So, are crap friends better or worse than no friends?

I'm a little grouchy today.

Oh yeah, and not a fabric store to be found in my area.

And, why does spell check on this thing never work?


Gifted Typist said...

Are you still in Germany?
do they have GG cookies in Germany?

MdG said...

Yes, we're a mini-US here in Germany. Prettty much everything you can get in the US, you can get here. Except for Softlips lip balm. Don't know why, but nobody carries it here.

The base runs programs for just about everything. It's pretty cool because the girls (well, the older ones) get to experience things through GS that would just not be avaliable in the States.

And I'm sorry I used the dreaded ALL CAPS in my post, I was bitchy.

she said: said...

OMG - a new post! I can't believe my eyes.

Pitty party - on.

re: the friend. Is she at least interestingly quirky enough to keep to make up for the other stuff? Probably not if you are stressed about it. I guess it depends on how much he is exhausting you about it.

Sucks bout Sarge.

When I think about having kids, I guess I didn't really put it together that you have to sell a lot of crap over the lifetime of the child. That is a lot of pressure.

I used to be into the gscout cookies. Until we bought like 20 boxes. A few years later I still have some boxes. I should probably toss them.

Hope you feel better soon. January sucks as a month. People are sick. The weather sucks. It's after the holidays. Sucks sucks sucks.

Tanya Espanya said...

Please advise as to what flavour Softlips is needed. Will send some post-haste.

MdG said...

Mrs. S: The friend is pretty fun, but I'm still on the fence about FH. I have my speech all prepared for the next time he decides to rag on Sarge.

I'm pretty exhausted with the fundraising. THough this school does not do the wrapping paper "Mr. Money" thing like the last school. At least I can eat the cookies. They are scrumyummy!

TanyaE: Thank you, you are so nice!! I actually ordered about 8 packs of Softlips from Drugstore.com, so I'm good.

MdG said...
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The Librarian said...

If PdG calls me with a request to buy cookies, I'm in for a whole USPS box full. Seems completely ridiculous since they sell them here - but 98 boxes is a lot of cookies to move!

-The Librarian