Monday, June 9

Life Without the Internets

Well, say what you like about Germany (that's for you Mrs. S. You can start ragging now), there may be no internets, and phone service is slow to be hooked up. But oh, we have ice cream!

Delicious ice cream. I'm so glad that this shop is not in our town or we would be huge and fat at the end of the summer.

So what does one do without internet service? Well, normally I would be a couch potato, or work on one of my many sewing projects. Unfortunately we have no TV, no service, and no actual TV to hook up. And my BFF is still in route (delivery is scheduled for the 12th!!). So we've been tackling the garden, unfortunately I have no pictures, but imagine 20 years of free growth. And I don't know what's a weed and what's a plant, so I've just been pulling everything that does not look familiar. I have dirt impregnated into the palms of my hands, and that's the way I like it. Hopefully we'll be able to wrestle it into submission soon enough.

Wildlife spotting so far:
A hedgehog, a jackrabbit, and a huge ass buck.


she said: said...

Well... ice cream gets us through breaking up with boys. It might as well get you through breaking up with the internet.

How are you getting on now - i-cafes?

MdG said...

Ice cream freaking rocks!

I was using the internet cafe on base, but it was killing me. I would feel bad just going to use the internet, so I would buy a coffee and a pastry. Gah! Expensive coffee burns my buns man.

HOWEVER!! I did hook up my phone and internet today! ALL BY MYSELF!! WOOOO GO ME! I didn't have to e-mail the librarian or you once!

I have me some big girl pants right here!