Wednesday, June 18

Getting around Germany

Well, we now know where the hospital is.

Sarge has come down with a bacterial infection that has kept him laid up for about a week.

He has the laptop too, so there is very little internets for me.

Other than that, things are pretty great.

There's a fabulous bakery right across the street from the hospital. Yummy seasonal fruit tarts to sooth my worries with.


dennis said...

Fruit tarts and tomato penis's--who'd have thought Germany could be so much fun??

gifted typist said...

Thanks goodness, when I first saw that I thought it might be something terrible. hope sarge is feeling better soon

MdG said...

He's all better.
They gave him a week to rest at home. But really, there's not much resting going on. He's so restless from being cooped up for so long.