Friday, August 25

The Best Smackdown Ever!

Today was a pool day again, and Piko de G was rocking out the kiddie pool. I noticed that a couple of kids had come in with what looked like their Grandmother. They were in the "big kid" pool area so I wasn't really paying that much attention. However, about 15 minutes into their swim I heard a minor commotion, and Grandma yells at them. Then, the best ever, "You better share, or we're GOING HOME RIGHT NOW!!". Yeah, whatever, I've heard that phrase about a zillion times at the pool. But no, not 5 minutes later "Get out of the pool! I saw that!! We're going home!!" And they did.
Holy $hit! That Grandma don't mess around! Awesome.
I must note that it costs $4.00 a person to swim at our pool, so they basically paid $12.00 to swim for 20 minutes.

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