Wednesday, August 5

Just doing my part

Just like Mrs. S over at Snarkolepsy I'm doing my part to ruin the earth.

I ordered this cake pan along with a couple other things from Not only did the rest of my order ship completely separately, but I got the pan, which is less than 2 inches thick in this HUGE ASS box.

Of course, 95% of the box was stuffed with those air filled plastic pillows.

WTF is up with that??

But I'm totally excited to try out my new cake pan. Look, it makes CAKESICLES!


she said: said...

Hahahahahahah. That is the funniest thing ever.

Who was the clever bastard that came up with cake on a stick?

Anonymous said...

cake on a stick - mmmmm

whenever I go to a store and get 1-2 things and say - oh I don't need a bag - they look at me like I am a nut job! "you don't?!"

Anonymous said...

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