Sunday, June 14


Today Piko deGallo and I were discussing next year's costume for the Star Wars mini-convention held here on base.
She wants something a little more girly than last year.
And we cant decide between

Queen Amidala's Parade gown

Or Senator Amidala's Lake Dress.

Oh my, both are pretty difficult dresses. I'm thinking I'm glad we started discussing it early.

I'm sure further updates will occur. I'm thinking I might document this one in a tutorial of sorts.

She also wants to be Xena for halloween...WOW.


The Librarian said...

I vote for the costume with the heavy makeup. It is more easily identified as Star Wars with the makeup. And really, pictures of you putting all those layers together would be priceless.

MdG said...

That's kind of what I was thinking. The Lake Dress is beautiful, but really, not that identify-able.

Too bnad you wont come until AFTER the dress is done. You could help me cut out all the "petals".

Anonymous said...

lol yes complicated dress to make i am attempting it with only 2 weeks to make it in.