Monday, October 6

Piko Want Big Boom!


The lovely Mrs. S stood in line for me, not once, but possibly THREE TIMES!!
You can read how much she loves lines here, and here. So you get the picture of what a big deal this is.

Anyway, when she went to this tech-convention last month she got signed t-shirts for Piko de Gallo and myself. Big deal? You bet. Because of who was there!!

Naturally we had to officially "break it in".

Piko de Gallo's "Cola Cascade"

Of course we did not deploy our Mentos very well, so our cascade was not that great. The second one we did was as tall as Piko deGallo, but of course I missed that picture.

And then to add pressure to my life (as if). Look at what else she sent!

A rainbow pyramid of HFC!! I feel the pressure to make something nice. Nice and yummy!

I'm feeling the bloggy love people, feeling it!

1 comment:

she said: said...

OMG! Best post ever. All we need is a campfire for the love-fest.

She did the mentos thing!

I can't believe she is swimming in that shirt. If you knew how much angina we had trying to figure out if she would have to time to wear it as she got older. I think she has a year before she grows out of it.

It should be washable BTW. Mr S. brought a permanent marker.

P.S. I can't believe no snarky comments about the sugar. If I didn't read this blog you'd being saying something like "can you believe someone sent this much sugar"!

In my defense... the holidays are coming up.