Wednesday, September 17

The Horror!!! The Horror!!

It continues.

Yep, I'm allergic to damn antibiotics. I have to flush my system, so they gave me the 'Roids!

I have to take a big dose of Prednisone once a day for 4 days, and hope that works a trick. I'm doubtful at this point because last night I couldn't sleep for the itching. I even took Benadryl to no effect.

This morning I woke up to find that the rash on my chest has merged into one HUGE hive that covers my neck, chest and shoulders. And yesterday when I said I was covered about 70%? Well, today, make that 95%, and that includes the tops of my hands, feet, my throat, and other...places...

Check it.

This is just my legs, so you can imagine.

Poor Piko deGallo, we were supposed to go swimming on Friday....I'm thinking not so much.


she said: said...

Yow mama. That is a stumper. I just thought you were trying to convince yourself you had lyme.

I think allergic reactions are the hardest of all to control. It is a constant battle with my bun. Mr S. gets these weird hives and he just has to try and not scratch them. And, I even have a girlfriend who's baby is allergic enough they need to keep an epi pen at all times. This I know now.. allergies are fraked.

P.S. You aren't suppose to go into the sun on antibiotics anyway.

Gifted Typist said...

I'm getting itchy just looking at that