Monday, August 4

The Edge of a Kinfe

It's official.

Tomorrow I will be walking that knife's edge between closer to 30, and closer to 40.

Not that I particularly care. I suppose that it helps that people are surprised to find out my age. I tell them that it's because I'm Aaaaasssian, and I use "Perrrrrr crrrreeeeaam" to keep my face young and soft.

Actually, that's not true, I use Cetaphil, and only when I can be arsed to remember.

Anyhoodles. How must I celebrate? Well, let me tell you, it sure won't be with a honking big cup of steaming coffee!!

That's right, the curse of my family has finally struck me. High blood pressure.

So I get to enjoy my the morning of my 35th year with a nice tall glass of cold water, and a 25MG tab of Hydrochlorothiazide. Oh yes, and don't forget that banana to stave off the potential potassium deficiency.

Damn!! DAMN!!! I miss that coffee. But Sarge says he'll kill me if I die.

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she said: said...

Aw.. that's a bummer. You can't control it with activity? I think I'm just gonna let my heart explode. They are really very good at bringing you back to life these days. Plus - you can buy a home defibulator.

The obvious b-day choice is a nice dinner with the fam. Unless you are into castles/churches/chili's/or the Japanese botanical gardens. Oh yeah! I did try to find some interesting place to send you in your area. It is too early for Octoberfest or the harvest festival. Which sucks. On the other hand - it looks like the turning of the leaves over there will be to die for.

Anyway. Happy b-day. I can't believe I remember seeing that perl cream commercial when I was a kid.