Friday, July 4

Trouble on Am Schmeideberg

We got trouble, with a capital T that rhymes with P and that stands for


Yes, we've been watching The Music Man, and yes, MdG, make big bang...AGAIN!!!

There was a thunder storm here the other week, and the only thing I forgot to unplug was the telephone. Well, apparently the telephone pole outside is taller than our roof.


It actually blew the DSL splitter apart, and off the wall!! Fried the modem, and possibly my old computer, which will not turn on now. Old houses, gotta love them.

In other Germany news...

Ikea, why do you not take Visa or Master Card?!?!?
Seriously! We got up to the checkout, and oops, I had to run to the ATM. I suppose it really was my fault since I didn't look for the Visa/Master Card sticker on the entrance. So I was a sucky American, since I was not prepared.

However, Germany, you have the most awesome bicycle stores EVER!! We went to one today that had a little track around the display area where you could try out any bike or other ride on they had in the store.

I of course rode a scooter, but Sarge was too busy looking at padded pants to take our pictures.

Tomorrow is Piko deGallo's 6th birthday!!! And she has her first loose tooth!!


she said: said...

Happy Bday Piko! If you had a text plan, I would have texted you a birthday greeting.

Re: the power surge. Maybe that is why they don't sync their power up to the American version. It does wonders for their economy. Americans coming over and blowing things up and crap. Sucks though. Did you ever get the new computer fixed?

Gifted Typist said...

happy b'day.
You post made me thing: Power Sarge!